What is Mastering? So many musician's do not know or are unsure on exactly what mastering is. We say that mastering is "whatever it takes" to make your final mixes sound better.

Mixes are typically done over the course of days or weeks. It is extremely hard to have a consistent reference on the overall EQ and vocal and instrument placement from mix to mix. It also hard to maintain the same volumes from song to song. The worst part is that you can not control the amount of space between songs or the noises, clicks and pops that occur before and after a song.


Thanks to digital mastering and new computer technology all of this can be fixed. Projects that are mixed at Star Studios are recorded directly to hard drive at 24 bit resolution for mastering. With our DigiDesign mastering system we can fix all of the problems mentioned above plus add the extra punch to your tracks through compressing/limiting and then normalize the audio files to reach maximum output. This is how you get your CD's to sound louder!



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